carine roitfeld–sex, drugs and rock & roll a la francaise


photo by hedi slimane, taken from

i love that this whippet-thin, impeccably swathed, unapologeticly outspoken, 50-something fashion icon carine roitfeld, the editor of french vogue, just cannot seem to slow down or let age get the better of her.  photographed next to her lovely young daughter she just cannot be out-shined:  impossibly alluring, her angular face seems to change from pic to pic, lux louche invariably tailored in black or grey, there is an unmistakably sexy vibe that she exudes…classic, modern, avant-garde, chic, and something a bit implacable…


photos from purple magazine

i think all of the women i find really interesting have a certain rough-hewn beauty about them, jolie laide as the french would say.  she is feminine and hard-edged and intense and mysterious looking.  intriguing, a little feral, self-contained.  i used to shell out the ridiculous price for french vogue for so long just to see the visionary, creative layouts….there’s a thoughtfulness, irreverence and physicality that heightens the artistry and appeal of both the models and the fashion in the spreads that you just don’t get in american mags, hampered as they are by puritanical and materialistic undercurrents.  she is talked of as anna wintour’s french counterpart, but really it’s apples and oranges.  they are two different animals, and this one’s the cool cat.


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