Fall/ Winter 2009 Balenciaga


I think the thing I love most about Jennifer Connelly is that she is a bit of a maverick–and a southern girl, which you can tell by the way her mouth moves when she talks, tightened jaw.  One of the guys I work with was mooning about crushing on her since we were kids largely due to the bizarre kids movie Labyrinth from our days of yore, adding that she’s really hot but a weirdo because of how she dresses.  Hmm.  Profound.  The fall spread circulating in the glossy mags currently is getting some flack for it’s dark luxe that reminds some of the recent LV-Madonna linkage, but to me it’s the very opposite.  She looks spectral, like some stretched out robot with a pallor that heightens the gorgeous jewel tones of the fabrics.  She’s the anti-model, and while the pics showcase her long, slim body and seem moody and arty and lush, there’s also a creepiness to the twisted, awkward shapes, unflattering makeup and dark tones.  These clothes and shoes are wearing her, hardly like the stamp Madonna puts on everything as her own, and they are gorgeous and sexy and weird and singular.  While this season may not be as earth-shattering bold and unwearable as some Balenciaga seasons past, to me this is pure vamp, like the iconic mashup that happened with early Tom Ford which harkened back to 70s iconic fashion tailored to a more modern silhouette but oozing sex appeal and rock and roll.  If this is what 40 looks like…



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