tilda swinton: bow to the queen


who could possibly be cooler than tilda?  um, nobody. i watched her trainwreck of a movie, julia, a few months ago in which she is impossible and brilliant and pathetic and cruel and unapologetic and doomed.  it’s one of those films–like many of her films i’ve found to be–that you kind of have to force yourself to stick it out to the end.  she has made some of the most painful, relentless, transgressive movies i’ve seen.  a close friend and working relationship with director derek jarman seems to have informed much of her early film work and she is never less than interesting, unusual, compelling, …she is one of those rare artists whom i watch and don’t think about the lack of good roles for women or all the other bullshit that american actresses seem marginalized by, she seems to have zero vanity and each role is a singular creation, as if each one is a totally new endeavor or person.  i find her fascinating to watch.


from edward II, orlando, female perversions, the war zone, the deep end, adaptation, broken flowers, michael clayton, the chronicles of narnia, the limits of control…every time i bring her up to someone who doesn’t really know anything about her, he or she will always have a similar response–“that’s the same person?  she’s great.”   a chameleon, she looks every bit the scottish aristocrat she apparently is, lives a seemingly parallel life to one she seems to frequently explore in her work:  direct, curious, challenging, intellectual and artistic, brazen, honest,  probing, provocative.  she is tall, elegant, striking, with a penchant for outlandish couture to which she has access with her designer friends such as viktor and rolf, is known for remarking on things like the tediousness of being called out by the press for showing up at awards with no makeup on, has a sort of agreement with her artist husband wherein each of them has a lover and no desire to break their union to pursue the transient, and is one of the few actresses or actors whose name will make me buy whatever magazine in which they happen to be interviewed.  she is as interesting to read as she is to watch, and that’s a pretty high complement.  tilda swinton is nothing less than extraordinary, in the true sense of the word, and settles for nothing less.  she’s my favorite rebel on the big screen, and reminds me of the gloria steinem quote, “some of us are becoming the men we wanted to marry.”

tilda-swinton-another-magazine-ss09-6last shot courtesy of another magazine


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