my favorite sandwich

this is one of those great lazy party things or big sandwich to make for dinner and expect to have leftovers:

1 loaf sourdough (round) or whatever you want really, you just need to be able to slice in half and scoop out some of the bottom to make a reservoir to cram stuff in

2-3 cans albacore

enough dijon and balsamic to mix with the tuna and get it to clump together a bit but not runny consistency

1 tbsp (more or less, depending how much you like capers)

some chopped red onion

roasted red peppers, chopped

some kind of green, i use spinach leaves

so, basically you mix the tuna, mustard, balsamic and onions with some salt and pepper to taste and put in the scooped out bottom of the loaf, then just layer the rest on top, sometimes i add tomatoes or radicchio or endive or artichokes

it’s a mess to eat but tastes great, even more so when it has time to marinate a bit, so leftovers rock


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