the best cold morning breakfast

one officially cold texas morning, my roommate chloe got up sniffing the air and i plunked her down in a butterfly chair with a bowl of this in front of the tv and heater, and, undoubtedly, it was “so much better than the nothing i usually have,” as she remarked.

super-easy, just make up enough cream of wheat or malt o meal or oatmeal or whatever it is you can manage to consume before it turns to paste, and the topping is where it’s at.

in a small pot/saucepan:  a little bit of water, sugar/brown sugar, 1/2-whole bag of frozen blackberries and chopped up bartlett or bosc or anjou or whatever pear you like best.  i think i do bosc, mostly.  let it bubble up, just a couple of minutes on low-med to heat through and add a little cinnamon if you like, maybe a splash of milk and then scoop some of the hot cereal into a bowl with some of this on top, then add as much butter as you can stomach the sight of.

awesome.  you’ll burn your mouth you’ll want to eat it so quickly without letting it cool.


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