soy-ginger salmon and garlic green beans

salmon is one of my favorite things to cook because it is almost impossible to screw up and really good for you, and i like to have it either with baby bok choy (just chop it up into thick slices and throw in a saute pan with a little sesame or olive oil, on medium until it cooks through, then salt and pepper and remove from heat) or with green beans.

take a couple of salmon fillets and throw them skin side up on a plate that you put the marinade on:  olive oil, soy sauce or tamari, chopped ginger and garlic, maybe some scallions or shallots. wrap with saran and let marinate for a few hours, than take out and slide whole mixture into a saute pan.  cook until pink/cooked through and add some pepper.

start up the broiler before you start cooking the fish on the stovetop, and in a broil or glass dish add olive oil, pepper, lots of whole garlic cloves and 3/4 to a pound of green beans or haricots verts (you can mix in with some sliced red peppers if you like), throw under the broiler for maybe 6-10 minutes or until they’re cooked but not scalded and the crispness you prefer, then pull out from the oven and and squeeze some fresh lemon juice over them.


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