to be that young and that thin again: leigh lezark


the misshapes’ leigh lezark, aka princess coldstare, reminds me much of the bad rap i got (get?) for being “icey”.  this never fails to amaze me, how people seem to treat pretty girls as aloof and remote and bitchy simply for not being ostensibly and ridiculously polite, gregarious and extroverted at all times.  doesn’t matter if you smile, doesn’t matter if you’re smart and bore easily at bad conversation or drunk idiots getting in your face and expecting you to act like they’re not boors, one is apparently supposed to be unfailingly lovely and gracious and accommodating and approachable or risk the wrath of khan.  i think it’s bullshit.  i am not on this earth to be nice all the time.  get over it, none of us is warm, friendly, flirty and fun without fail.  we’re all complicated, difficult and protean, however much we hope to be mostly good, decent people and consistent.  she is not here to please you, be happy and enjoy the lovely pics, courtesy of dossier magazine’s fourth issue.



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