brooklyn heights, my neighborhood

well, it’s official:  i’m staying another year in my apartment.  i got the renewal letter from my landlord not raising my rent just before i left for barcelona and that’s all the incentive i need.  that said, a year and a half later, it’s time to finally move in and put some stuff on the walls and stop acting like i’m waiting for the rug to be pulled out from under me or that the dream might end any day.  i went through the boxes of photos and travel stuff and selected frame-worthy relics, i took in the first couple of prints to be framed, i finally got those bags of donations over to housing works, and i went and took some pictures finally of my neighborhood, now that i can stop holding my breath and accept it is mine, recession be damned.  i could move out to staten island or bushwick or ft. greene or astoria and maybe save a bit, but i love where i live.  LOVE it.  below, a few of my favorite things and daily touchstones.

my morning walk

my favorite house–82 pierrepont, the herman behr mansion

the building i would have moved into when i got here, had it not been for renovations…deco facade, detailing straight out of a film, classic elevator…

borough hall, my morning station to the bronx or battery park

my pretend garden, and more incomparable remsen below

below, the view from the promenade


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