heimstone: redux, for nye dress inspiration?

my dear friend rose and i were ambling around bedford ave post-brunching at relish one sunday when i finally poked my head into the impeccably curated jumelle in williamsburg.  much to my friend’s chagrin, i tried on and fell hopelessly in love with this little number that will undoubtedly be worn to one of this fall’s art crawls.  parisian in feel, shamelessly avant-garde, and at least a bit unflattering–similar to the contemporary balenciaga numbers upon which i have been hopelessly smitten over the years but more accessible–this heimstone dress is an acquired taste.  much like when i lop off my hair, i think the girls will find it intriguing and the guys will be confused (a few inevitably drawn) and it is my new favorite score.  heimstone has been around a few years–see above, from first season– and is the passion of these two quintessentially french ladies who personify that french cool elegance that so many of us envy on this side of the ocean.  their first collection i absolutely adored, then they lost me a bit with a lot of layers and embellishment worked into their designs that i found too overwhelming on my small frame but this season i am in love all over again.  i tried to get over it but the siren song pulled me back after a couple of months on another of our endlessly rainy summer days post-work to snap it up ridiculously on sale. now for the perfect shoes. photos from heimstone


2 responses to “heimstone: redux, for nye dress inspiration?

  • Lindsey

    Love Heimstone! They’re also available online at Je Ne Sais Quoi. It’s a Paris based e-boutique that ships internationally (and that is offering free shipping until the beginning of January). They’re running their annual sales the first week in January (thru February) and there are Spring/Summer & Fall 2009 Heimstone items at least 50% off!

    Anyway, thought you might be interested! You’ve clearly got great taste.


  • Jennifer Guinn

    thanks for the heads up; that is a site i cruise upon occasion as they’re one of the few online stores to carry the line, though not state-side. and i may have been crazy, but the bottom pic dress plus boots and puffer was my new year’s outfit, after all. slushy winter be damned!

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