anouk aimee

the parisian-born actress anouk aimee has one of the most perfectly, classically beautiful faces ever.  her body of work is amazing, too, having worked steadily as an actress since the 1940s and appearing in over 70 films to date.  some of my favorites of her films are my favorites, period:  jacques demy’s lola, fellini’s 8 1/2 and la dolce vita, claude lelouch’s un homme et une femme. born francoise sorya and half-jewish in heritage, her name derives from her early roles:  anouk being the character she played in marcel carne’s la fleur de l’age and the surname added by jacques prevert, writer of andre cayatte’s les amants de verone, who coined aimee for her strongly emotive and sensitive interpretations even at such an early age. in 1988 she was quoted, “you can only perceive real beauty in a person as they get older,” and while other actresses bemoan the lack of work for mature women, she has been undaunted, consistently turning out a film a year.  after her third marriage, to the british actor albert finney, ended back in the 1970s she has remained single and lives with her daughter manuela in the montmartre region of paris, working as both an actress and humanitarian for nearly the last 30 years.  biographical info from the jewish women’s archive online.


2 responses to “anouk aimee

  • WendyB

    Nice bio on the beautiful Anouk. Just wanted to point out, Albert Finney is English, not American. Has done a few American films in the last decade and can do the accent, but he’s thoroughly English, born and raised in Salford. He and Anouk lived in London when they were married, where he has resided in one form or another since he was a teenager at RADA. She was crazy to dump him for Ryan O’Neal.

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