lunetta, brooklyn on smith st

Lunetta’s New Year’s Eve Menu

Butternut-Chestnut Soup


Winter white salad with gorgonzola dolce late


Potato and Parmersan Cheese croquettes w/ Pimenton Aioli


Zampone ( traditional Italian stuffed pork shank) w/ lentils


Zuppa di pesce and garlic crostino


Homemade mushroom ravioli w/ truffle butter and

castelmagno cheese


Polenta-honey cake with whipped ricotta


Il laboratorio gelato selection


Homemade tiramisu

$45 pp

only menu for the night

lunetta restaurant on smith st is one of my favorite places to eat by me.  when a girlfriend and i went, again, new year’s eve eve for dinner we ordered too much–which is impossible to not do because everything sounds so good–and then proceeded to stuff ourselves silly, sadly too much so for their desserts which are also excellent.  their menu copied above is a fine example of what they do and so well, traditional made a little inventive but not trendy, just well thought out.  when we went, we ordered from their current menu–a little different from what they have posted currently on their site:  the mussels special, the spaghetti carbonara with pancetta, the winter white salad with endive, pistachios and frisee, their must-have bruschetta with their home-made ricotta, plus honey and lemon (amazing), and a side of pumpkin with lemon.  and this girl washed it all down with some of their gutturnio. perfect.  though i really did want to try to muscle down some of their chocolate cake… and menu from their site.


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