no. 7 in ft. greene

introduced to this place by a girlfriend and smitten ever since, i have now been to no. 7 (pic above from their website) for every meal they serve, plus cocktail hour and have never left less than than sated, and have happily paid this forward to some of my other uninitiated friends.  a little hidden at the corner of fulton st and greene ave–and a really great option if you’re over in the neighborhood for the brooklyn flea or a show or movie at bam–n0. 7 is not big and can get very packed but is worth the wait.  there is a front window/lounge area with a built-in wrap-around bench for hanging out over a drink or two, then the bar area with some high tables on the right for bar/eating, and then the main seating in the back.  the detailing and craftsmanship of the space always strikes me when i go back, especially if i’m sitting at the bar and look at the wood-work and little lamps and touches of color.  it’s lovely and interesting without being precious.  today, i had a perfect brunch, something for which i am on an eternal quest:  bloody mary, and small plates–scrambled eggs, green salad, salt potatoes.  it doesn’t sound particularly remarkable but it was great.  the bloody mary was strong and spicy but neither too much so, the eggs were quite possibly the best i’ve had (don’t know what they do, no ostensible herbs, they came merely perfectly fluffy and scrambled, a little soft, a little salted), the salad had a wonderfully tasty dressing, and the potatoes were new, and soaking in a little butter in their bowl.   i usually pepper everything, not this time.  i haven’t been for dinner in a few months but next time i go back it will be a no. 82 cocktail (or a 21), the cara cara orange and frisee, the striped bass and the sticky maple figgy cake***and make sure to ask for their appetizer of the hearty bread with sides of the vinegared cucumber slices and white bean dip (shown below, pic from yelp).

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