The Thin Man:

via The Thin Man:

peter schjeldahl, art critic & new yorker contributor, speaking of the artist alberto giacometti’s work in one of my favorite articles of his back in 2001 at the time of the retrospective.  excerpt from the new yorker’s website, read the rest via link above:

“Freudian critics have shown that the symbolic content is anything but mysterious—or interesting. (You know: mother, father, sex, death, and so on.) What awes us is the poetry of the work’s exquisite proportions, and an expressive urge that is at once vertiginous and very, very careful. Looking at the piece from behind, I felt the outward rush of its passion to connect, to reach the last rows in the theatre of the world. I loved Giacometti at that moment. Love is, among other things, the experience of wholly identifying with another person’s sincerity. It is rare in art, where impersonal operations of style normally regulate violent emotions.”

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