leah grimaldi, artist and friend

wooloo link to my talented friend, leah, who makes surreal art here captured in thematic groupings of fairy tales, apocalypse, monsters and conservation.  leah is hilarious and very intelligent and young and an old soul and tattooed and fond of unicorns and bunnies and makes allusions to kurt vonnegut in her work and is prone to saying things like, “i feel like daniel johnston’s music helps me to understand flannery o’connor’s short stories better,”  or like the caption next to one of her works on the site as to the backstory: ”  The Arctic is melting, we’re killing each other, and the sun is going to explode.”  ah, end of days, one of my favorite conversations post-concert on the ride back from boston to providence.  she thinks family guy is great, swears like a trucker, is unfailingly sincere and humble and a thoughtful friend and is always quick to brag about how great her family is.  she even brought me down to ny to help me scout where i would set up camp and shared my first meal at applewood, one of my favorite brooklyn restaurants.

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