lovisa burfitt, illustrator and designer

swedish illustrator and designer of her eponymous burfitt label, based out of paris since 2003.  the line comprises predominantly knitwear and tailored pieces, includes t-shirts which feature some of her illustrations, and is known for her signature admixture of rock & roll and gothic fairy tale.  the burfitt website showcases beautiful photography that highlights the simultaneously haunting and mischievous aesthetic lovisa espouses, while lovisa’s own website focuses on her illustrations and wallpapers; of particular note, though, are her beautiful, intricate and fantastical masks from a few seasons back….they remind me of the most recent new year’s, when i kept wishing i had a masquerade mask like some of the other santos’ denizens.  covetous.  they make me want to crank the cure’s fascination street or london suede’s the asphalt world with eyes wide shut on mute in the background while i dig out my blackest black.


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