the serendipity books, stephen cosgrove

all of my morality stems from these books, suffice it to say.  i don’t remember them having the whole, “this story’s moral is…” caption on them–apparently, this is a newer development– but i do remember some of my favorites which centered more on the artwork and beloved characters than the message espoused, but they’re all pretty distilled, humble and universal.  and the facial expressions are the best.  i’m going to have to buy them all, just seeing them makes me laugh.  i could never pick an absolute favorite.  if i ever have a kid, these will be an essential component of my being a decent parent.  i may be a heathen, but…


2 responses to “the serendipity books, stephen cosgrove

  • Stephen Cosgrove

    The “Moral of this story” debacle was a gift from Penguin… I have been fighting it ever since. Fortunately, after a lengthy battle, the rights to all the books are reverting to me. The new look and feel was tested with re-release of The Wheedle on the Needle just before Christmas. Looks good without that touch the preachy sub-title on the over. Glad the books touched your life.


    • Jennifer Guinn

      this comment could not be a better thing to wake up to. truly love your books. thank you for the backstory and for producing something so many people grew up loving and want to pass down to their own children. i really struggled to pick which ones to put up here…the wheedle on the needle, trafalgar true, the muffin muncher, flutterby!…it was really difficult to choose. and so good to see them online, still available and viewed by many as in a league of their own from all the comments i’ve read.

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