when the sky is like lace

this begins my trip down memory lane in:re the books that made/warped me as a kid, this being an obvious place to start and a treasured first book of mine: purple, moody, little girls taking off in their nightgowns and dancing under the moon in the middle of nowhere with weird creatures…magical and beautifully written, i just remember being mesmerized by it when i was little.  always dreaming of running away in the night, even at age 3 or whatever.  it was a really expensive book that i tried to track down vintage for years and then they reissued.  neat-o.

“Because on bimulous nights when the sky is like lace, the trees eucalyptus back and forth, forth and back, swishing and swaying, swaying and swishing — in the fern-deep grove at the midnight end of the garden.

You will also find that, on bimulous nights when the sky is like lace, the grass is like gooseberry jam. It’s not really squooshy like jam, because then the otters’ feet would slurp around and snails might drown. It only smells like gooseberry jam. But if you walk barefoot, it feels like the velvet inside a very old violin case.”


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