what i learned from the tudors so far

(bear in mind, i’m only a few episodes into season 2)

1.  henry viii was a brat
2.  everyone basically spoke english then, too, regardless of their nationality
3.  no women had straight hair
4.  pretty much like now, people went to church for funerals, weddings and xmas
5.   anne boleyn resembled miss piggy, as a brunette
6.  it was like china, giving birth to a girl was very bad
7.  breeches weren’t a deterrent to sex (but should be)
8.  charles brandon was ridiculously hot (who is this guy?)
9.  present-day, this series runs with less sex on daytime tv as just about any soap         opera; all that’s missing is a set of one evil & one good twin, but like i said, only       into season two
10.  it took forever to get divorced, also like now
11.  women were easy
12.  pets?  no pets?
13.  there were lots of really awful ways to die and you better hope you don’t get                sick
14.  men and women basically wore the same thing–pragmatic, shared closets–          velvet, silks, robes, capes, skirts, jewels
15.  history is a guilty pleasure with a hot, young, nubile cast


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