steven alan–i sold my soul to rock and roll

above from bows + arrows in austin, cool shop

sunday in my nook of brooklyn i wandered aimlessly before the weather got too crappy to bother and ended up at steven alan on atlantic.  i meant to hit the sample sale a few months back–in retrospect, would have been smart–but didn’t and i finally bought my first steven alan shirt, the reverse seam.  i have officially entered hipster-dom.  a tattoo cannot be far behind, especially leading into to the upcoming atrocious birthday i refuse to consider mine (and besides, i finally figured out the what and wherefore of it, now to just pick the place and make my 3-month in advance booking).  at any rate, the shirt is perfect and fits in my trademark slightly-sloppy-tomboy-sexy way, and like the apc jeans i picked up last year, this was an on-sale purchase about which i have no regrets.  it rocks.  so there.  ooh, & it was an additional 10% off and i don’t know how long they’re doing it and/or if it’s online, too, but 10% of the total sale is donated to the haiti relief fund.  help the economy, help haiti, look hot.  awesome.  don’t judge, i already donated the real way, too.

mine, black and teal plaid, hard to pick just one.  also, the store by me carries vintage-y looking rings by jerry grant, very delicate and feminine, not egregiously priced and from what the shopgirl told me, he’s steven’s dad, local jewelry designer.  very cool.


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