the frames live

i’m so happy that glen hansard’s turn in the film once introduced him, at least, to the states.  the frames are a lot bigger overseas, which is where i got into them.  hansard is an amazing performer, reminds of the way sinead o’connor just wails like a banshee with that incredible voice that doesn’t suffer kicked full throttle volume-wise.  anyway, for the birds is the first of theirs i picked up & i love fitzcarraldo, as well.  the track finally is off burn the maps which is similarly strong as the older two; probably, the last album felt a bit lackluster because so much energy was being directed towards the swell season project with the concomitant success of the film.  regardless, this is a perfect example of what they do so well.  like elbow, from the gut.  it’s difficult for me to listen to them when i’m out walking around because i just want to crank it up and belt it out along with him (“when you FOUND something so GOOD it’s hard to FO-cus on what’s right….”) frightful.  no one needs that on the morning commute.

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