sounds of brooklyn: rain machine and anti-pop consortium

part of bam’s sounds of brooklyn series.  tonight’s show:  anti-pop consortium, heralding their new album plus the tv on the radio side project from band member kyp malone.  i’m smitten, originating from tvotr’s song you could be love from years back.  love him.  his album is kind of sprawling and inward, good winter music.  both acts have charisma and positive energy in spades.  the only thing that merits going out in this crap-ass weather, actually.  well, that and soup, wine and red velvet first.

post-show:  still smitten with kyp.  he was great.  funny and personable and best alone on stage (esp. with howler monkey backup chick with them? yeesh)  AND anti-pop consortium killed it.  they were so good.  i kind of felt bad for them, though; sitting at shows is weird which is the one reason i’m not more of a fan of seeing concerts like that at bam, and it must be double weird for a bunch of rappers up on stage to be performing in front of an awkwardly seated audience.  no matter, though, their energy was great and it made me like the new album even more.

now i have to make a decision on ra ra riot and the antlers or forego another sit-down affair and catch the antlers with the editors in march, instead.

2 responses to “sounds of brooklyn: rain machine and anti-pop consortium

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