the new michael winterbottom film: the killer inside me

penned by the infamous noir/pulp writer, jim thompson, now adapted for the screen by one of my favorite directors…not sure how this sits.  i’m no prude, but he may have lost me a bit with this one.  another protagonist grifter/sadist played by casey affleck who goes back and forth abusing prostitute jessica alba and kate hudson, when not just attacking the odd stranger.  the trailer i didn’t even really want to post, not sure about being responsible for circulating that though it’s easy enough to track down if you need a glimpse of the brutality to come.  winterbottom has steadily become one of my favorite directors:  jude, welcome to sarajevo, wonderland (one of my favorite films), the claim, 24 hour party people, code 46, 9 songs, tristram shandy, a mighty heart….i’m always interested to see what he does.  i missed genova, and apparently the controversy surrounding this in addition to his adaptation of naomi klein’s the shock doctrine–one of the best non-fiction reads i’ve bought in the last few years–which klein has publicly “disowned” citing differences between the director(s) and herself, may be the closest many come to this graphic, violent tale.  the film looks amazing and the acting is supposed to be great but….we’ll see.  i don’t think i’ve made it through anything this thankless since tim roth’s the war zone, and that one took a long time to shake.


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