brooklyn’s yeasayer, new album odd blood

so excited about this show.  found out about them just a little too late to catch the first go-round, but i’m all over the second.  i could not stop playing this album when i first bought it.  so infectious and bizarre and positive and experimental.  echoes of trance, psychedelia, 60s and 70s rock, eastern influences, sci-fi, naturalism, one of the most unique sounds i have heard in a while and definitely not going to be everybody’s cup o’ tea.  surprisingly, all hour cymbals seems to have brought them a pretty big following and in lieu of riding the coattails of that first success and risking a sophomore slump they apparently have foregone some of the first album’s sound in the interest of, god forbid, growing as a band, experimenting some more and risking some of their fan base.  this may not go well, but odd blood hits stores february 9th (same day as their sold out show at music hall of williamsburg where i’ll be, bowery sold out the night before, likewise) and early press and blogs are qualified, a bit reserved but so far not disowning, though a bit bemused by the quixotic inclusion of something resembling love songs.  i reserve final judgment until i see what they do with the new songs live and, regardless, i’m sure certain all hour cymbals’ tracks won’t be missing from the set list, so it’s a win win. above photo nicole bengiveno, the ny times, below new album cover art


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