brooklyn wine exchange on court st

while not technically in the “local eats” category, though it is often what passes for dinner with some cheese and olives in my casa, i just wanted to throw up a little blurb on this cute shop that opened back in december in cobble hill.  run by patrick watson and his wife, michele pravda, also of the mini-smith st empire of smith & vine, stinky brooklyn and the jake walk, who opened this option to expand upon their interest in biodynamic, organic and ny state wines.  it has an interestingly curated selection, with an avowed group of $12 and under bottles on a central table, some umbrians that caught my eye tonight and i will definitely go back for when the occasion presents itself, a table in front of ny/local winery choices and then separate racks of argentinean, chilean, stateside, spanish, french, italian, etc.  good pricing, uncommon additions at varied $ brackets, wine classes and tastings scheduled over the next couple of months, a learning center soon to open for members (first choice also goes to them for the slots for the tastings), and their stone’s throw distance from me ensures that i will be taking a break from heights chateau & michael towne wine & spirits.  their pics &see the site for more info on location, classes, membership, etc

tonight selection from spain, venta la ossa (really enjoyed this winery’s others prior)


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