whip it

i really had some hopes for this, and it wasn’t that it was bad, just kind of lite.  ellen page is her requisite adorable self and kristen wiig about steals the show from everyone and drew is ever-lovable and alia shawkat makes a great pash, and yet….i don’t know.  tx roller derby is near and dear to my heart, since i lived in austin when a bunch of chicas brought it back from the dead and showed everyone that a fun saturday out could be beer and a track and a couple of leagues of tattooed girls on skates in short, crazy costumes with tongue-in-cheek names.  so, it would not have taken much for this film to win me over, but the biggest drag (no pun intended, austinites) to it, i guess, was that i kept waiting to see all of these austin haunts i know and love and where were they?  not there, apparently, because detroit offered better financial incentives.  nice.  decorations got shipped up to michigan to recreate the local austin flavor & it didn’t really work.  it’s fun and light and the first girl power thing i’ve seen in years–since not much in this vein exists, more crap in the vein of bring it on, sadly–that made any sense to me at all, and the cast is fun but, frankly, the a&e short-lived series rollergirls did my girls back home more justice. so, when in atx, go see ’em.  drink & hoot.  (i always wanted to try out but they would have kicked my ass.)  i must be feeling homesick, this and the les amis today…

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