ghost world, the mercury dime

not even two years in and a sad passing:  the mercury dime.  my friend tj, pictured below, sitting in the front downstairs space of his labor of love.  the cafe opened at e. 5th st and second ave in the east village in spring 2008 and closed june 2009, but a beauty in her day.  it was all in the details:  the copper-framed facade, rare beast of an espresso machine at the bar, richard scarry on the walls, il laboratorio gelati brought in later….i’ve been meaning to put a little in memoriam on here for a while now, since the cafe opened right when i came to town and gave us a perfect re-meeting ground.  don’t know how long it would have taken for me to track him down, otherwise, if not for still knowing his mom’s phone number by heart.  the elephant never forgets.


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