dame swoon

yes, i will go to bushwick’s ad hoc and to see mbw’s installation in the meatpacking this weekend, but this typical spotlight on the boys just makes me appreciate the immense, exceptional talent of the artist swoon the more, whose wheatpaste prints, cutouts and ramshackle armada have captured my heart over the last few years.  it’s hard to articulate the particular female imprint she makes on street art, but it’s something to do with imbuing it with more depth, sensuality, awareness of/ connection with the audience, color and precise line detailing used for purposes of mood and decoration, and complexity and personality in the images and characters she portrays.  her swimming cities took it even further, giving her band of merry men and women a floating, disenfranchised community to sail to venice’s biennale, juxtaposing the vast affluence, pomp  and marketability of consecrated art and the art world parties and poseurs.  that she carries it all lightly, still bemused by her recent high-profile sales, doesn’t sneer at her counterparts or the hype that surrounds them, choosing instead to channel her energy into finding new ways to engage herself with her work and communicate her vision just makes her artistic progression all the more authentic and interesting to watch.


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