jungil hong

St. Souci and the Setting Sun

untitled #9, 2004

1,000 Hands Grasping Sparrows Tall, 2007

Secrets of Snake Den Mesa, 2006

Glowing Sprouts, 2005

Supermarket Spirit Ship aka the Possibility Seed

i first came across the artist when i lived in rhode island since hong is a risd alum.  something about the prints and patterns instantly attracted me & the gallery show last fall–albeit brief–was a welcome reintroduction.  i always gravitate towards artists who manage to deftly appropriate traditional and/or cultural imagery with contemporary technique and feel into their own lexicon.  the works here shown are only from about 2004-2009, so much development and experimentation yet to come.  the patterning is hardly busyness, rather its the artist’s development of a formal iconography; there’s something portentous, too, in the collages and chaotic landscapes–as if all the swirling is at the eye of the storm, just before the cataclysm, the birds and other creatures swarming and warning of the instability.  good stuff.  and i love the colors, too.

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