time capsule: austin

i don’t know what it is, maybe having friends with whom to reminisce here in nyc that are from austin–or lived there for a while, most people i know from austin are from somewhere else in texas or california–but lately i’ve been feeling very nostalgic, and more than a little homesick.  part of it is the barrage of party lists and music lineups i’ve seen for next month’s sxsw.  part of it is that march is my favorite weather back home, usually 65-75 by day, clear blue sun-filled skies and cool at night.  part of it is that i left almost a decade ago now.  so, in no particular of importance, and some of them not just missed by me but missed by all who loved them since some below have long since shut their doors, my missed list:

club de ville

1) liberty lunch
2) whole foods at 6th and lamar before it transformed into the behemoth across the block; and central market’s produce, wine and spice sections
3) the cloak room, the elephant room
4) trudy’s & their bloody marys and/or mexican martinis
5) waterloo records
6) vulcan video
7) quackenbush’s & the drag
8 ) stubb’s bar-b-q
9) club de ville, my second home
10) by george
11) hotel san jose
12) vespaio & castle hill
13) the paramount & the (old) dobie
14) laguna gloria (and amoa)
15) venues:  emo’s, antone’s, the continental & la zona rosa
16) south congress
17) cheap cost of living, being able to orient my direction home via the ut tower, downtown lit up at night & walking home safely at 3 am without a second thought, getting in the pool at the end of the night because someone always had one
18)  space, seeing the sky, lounge as a way of life, watching the sun set over drinks at the lake
19) the cafes:  ruta maya, mozart’s,  little city, les amis
20) proteus & the renegades

south congress


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