prada, fall 2010

true to form, the new collection for the upcoming autumn season does not disappoint.  beautiful patterns, vintage silhouettes, sophisticated, architectural, thoughtful, sexy in an understated way.  miuccia prada is the epitome of the philosophical, narrative designer, a woman’s designer, whose clothes delineate an assured woman who is mature not matronly, subtle but definitive,  sleek not fussy, researched, classic, substantial.  the clothes feel retro without lapsing into costume, italian but not caricatured, evocative of european, post-war glamour in the brushstroke silks, jewel-tone palette, tweedy woolens and 40s-50s tailoring and shapes.  it is a testament to her strength and singularity of aesthetic that so many successful seasons into her career, countless imitators and trends having come and gone, her work is so easily recognized, as well as fresh and inspired.  echoes of old ideas of beauty and femininity, wholly modern in her fastidious rendering of how women depict storylines of/for themselves through their clothes. pics from nymag


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