“the runaways” film, by floria sigismondi

this will be fun (totally missed my calling).  floria sigismondi’s, director/ artist/ writer, biopic and coming of age story of the infamous runaways, iconic 1970s punk (girl-)band which featured joan jett, cherie currie, lita ford, jackie fox and sandy west.  partly based on currie’s book, “neon angel:  a memoir of a runaway”, sigismondi sought to make a faithful–appropriately gritty and non-sanitized– film version of the rarely told female rock experience, calling it both a cautionary tale and an inspirational one.  with dakota fanning as lead singer currie and kristen stewart (taking a break as a vampire lover) as jett, the girls do their own singing, the costumes are painfully & gloriously true to form, and early reviews herald that the film avoids the saccharine leanings of ones like cameron crowe’s “almost famous”.  Rather, Sigismondi aims to capture the complicated energy and moods of teenage, female angst & friendship through the voice of 70s punk:  self-destructive, sexual, willful, possessive, flirtatious, volatile, vulnerable, raw.

below pics all courtesy of apparition films


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