conceptualist feast, a razor, a shiny knife: landscapes of quarantine

(i love the idea of this, though not beef; eyes out for the next to come)

Landscapes of Quarantine

Beyond epidemic control

And a very good day to you:

It is my pleasure to invite you to the Storefront for Art and Architecture to participate in our interpretation of the “Landscapes of Quarantine.” Geoff Manaugh (BLDGBLOG) and Nicola Twilley (Edible Geography) have curated a multi-disciplinary group of eighteen artists, designers, and architects, each of whom was inspired by one or more of the physical, biological, ethical, architectural, social, political, temporal, and even astronomical dimensions of quarantine.

At it’s most basic; quarantine is a strategy of separation, containment and isolation — the creation of a hygienic boundary between two or more things, for the purpose of protecting one from exposure to the other. Typically, quarantine is thought of in the context of disease control.  But quarantine should not be considered only in that context.  Hence our exploration of its myriad applications, culinary among them.

During the exhibition, we have planned a series of quarantine-inspired dinners at the gallery. The range and application of quarantine concepts will be developed through the presentation of a six-course meal (menu below), as well as through performance and art in many mediums developed specifically for the event.

As a clear example of quarantine in food, we will be presenting a time lapse display of the dry aging process by Master Purveyors, which has been supplying the likes of Peter Luger and Keen’s Chop House with dry aged USDA prime beef since 1957. This will follow the transformation of a full sirloin cut from its raw butchered state to its highly sought after and prized intensified dry aged state, the result of its being quarantined in a temperature and humidity controlled space for at least 21 days.  The presentation of this beef and its butchery will be part of the program on the night of the meals, as guests savor custom aged beef.

As always these events are not only for professional chefs or foodies; they are for anyone who loves food, regardless of culinary knowledge or experience. We produce these evenings to effect a communal environment of social interaction, education and fun.

Dates/Times for event:
Saturday, 10 April
Sunday, 11 April
Guests are invited and encouraged to come at 16:00 for cooking demonstrations, dinner will be served at 19:00

Price:  $152 per person – Includes meal, paired with cocktails and wine, cooking demonstrations, exhibit

Knife sharpening
Butchering Beef
Sous Vide Applications
Slow Egg cookery
Interesting Applications for an iSi whipper

Steelhead Trout Roe, Juniper, Citrus, Angelica, Licorice
Neutral Spirit Citrus Cocktail

Hirame, Tonshi, So-su, Yasai
Unflitered Sake

Pheasant, White Truffles, Black Truffles, Thyme
In Cot We Trust

24-Day Dry Aged Rib Steak, Potatoes, Spinach, Blue Cheese, Tomatoes, Lettuces, Bacon

Soft Cow’s Milk Cheese, Fresh Fruit, Toast

Appelton Rum

Menu was written with Daniel Castaño, Michael Lee, Demian Repucci, Andrew Rosenberg and Danny Zlobinsky

A selection of cocktails and wines will be paired with the meal with the assitance of Damian Gutierrez from Cabrini Wines, Matt Franco and Jonny Cigar (who will also be performing at the events).

to rsvp for the event:

for more on michael cirino and the ideology:  a razor, a shiny knife

pic and info from the site and invite, respectively


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