the san remo–penultimate summer 2010 cocktail

i recently had this at scarpetta–though apparently, it may be found at other scott conant establishments like faustina (and the corollary second floor bar at cooper square hotel)–and it is quite possibly the best slightly bitter, slightly citrus/tart, delicious cocktail i have ever sipped my way through.  now, to buy the ingredients and experiment with different ratios to varying degrees of success in my own home until i perfect:

the menu lists the ingredients as the following:

San Remo– carpano antica, st. germain elderflower liqueur, campari, citrus & a hint of bourbon

so, of the rest i was familiar but new to me is the first one, carpano antica, which is a red vermouth, not too difficult to find, and described below by dean & deluca:

Carpano Antica Formula Red Vermouth

“From the Turin, Italy producer of Punt e Mes–a sweet vermouth–comes Carpano Antica, an exceptional red vermouth. With a recipe dating back to 1786, this is the smoother, less-sweet version of Punt e Mes. While some might feel inclined to use Carpano Antica as a mixer, the best way to enjoy it is straight up or with a few rocks. While we love Punt e Mes, we consider Carpano Antica the vermouth for grown-up palates.”

grazie mille

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