“dead or alive” at museum of art and design

currently running in nyc into the fall, and one of the most interesting and unique shows i’ve seen in a very long time.

some of the included artists whose works i loved most:

jennifer angus’ piece, “victorian fancy” which featured an enclosed structure similar to one of bourgeois’ cells, covered in beautifully rendered papers illustrated with an array of insects.  peering through the circular holes, one sees a whole other house built inside.  a bizarre and beautiful insect world.

“fragile future” by lonneke gordijn, in which hanging/free-standing forms and the built piece along the wall comprise hardened dandelion heads lit up against the metal, geometric frame in an amalgamation of technological hardness and one of the most ephemeral organic elements.

helen altman’s “spice skulls” arranged in a square along one wall, with each made of a different ingredient molded into the memento mori as above, everything from corn husks and lotus pods to roses and orange peel.  the fastidiousness with which they’re made and the tactile element of the varying materials create an oddly intimate and sensorial tableau.

tim tate and marc petrovic’s “apothecarium moderne”, in which each of the belabored jars pictorializes an ideological human weakness, in the vein of the seven deadly sins.  playful, ironic, imaginative and layered.

***plus, i got an impromptu studio visit with the local artist, joseph cavalieri, currently at work on some of his new pieces for the upcoming sofa chicago show:  taking images from r. crumb’s comics (as before, with the simpsons) and setting them within frames of stained glass, the works play off the dichotomy of the the arcane/gothic framework within which the subversive and pop culture crumb images take on a weird new life.  photo below by joseph kaminsky


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