judy pfaff, “five decades,” at ameringer mcenery yohe (and the comme des garcons exterior in chelsea)

exhibit ended yesterday, below from roberta smith’s write-up in the ny times:


“The consistency of Ms. Pfaff’s work lies in its relatively weightless, levitating profusion, whose natural habitat is three-dimensional space. (This is underscored by the routine, claustrophobic quality of the artist’s collages or at least the seven from 1999 to 2002 that are also on view.) The works here involve distinct mixtures of materials like lacquered wire, paper flowers, painted wood, paper, tin cans and painted wiggle board; they aerate the art of assemblage. Their suggestions range from obsessive scribbling in space (“Straw Into Gold” of 1992) to modernism aloft (“Es Posible” of 1989) to costume-department extravagance (“Said the Spider to the Fly” of 2010). The stark, bristling “Frio (From Badlands Series),” a 1984 work that remains one of my favorites, seems to have been plucked from a forest and blanched of all color, white and black, and resembles a fragment of a very bulky photograph.”

cdg exterior, below



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