“not because, like persephone, i needed to cool my cheek on death”–anne carson

part of bam’s next wave  festival, ridge theater’s retelling of the greek origin myth that explains the change of the seasons:  the daughter of zeus and demeter is stolen by hades, king of the underworld, for her beauty and her grief-stricken mother searches everywhere for her to finally recover her, but only after persephone consumes pomegranate seeds, resulting in her having to return to hades for months each year.  thus, while the fair maiden is home the bounty is renewed and every time she must return to the underworld, the vegetation and land falls barren, winter descends.  the myth is also a psychological examination of family dynamics:  the competition and jealousy between the father and suitor; the doomed, thick love of a mother for her daughter, inevitably to lose her to marriage; the liability of youth and beauty for a girl, and the dark side of her sexual awakening.  eros and thanatos.

from ridge theater’s website:


a collaboration by Ben Neill, Mimi Goese, Warren Leight, and Ridge Theater.

Co-commissioned by BAM and VA Tech.
Sep. 29- Oct. 3 & Oct. 5, 2010 at Virginia Tech
NY Premiere Oct. 26-30, 2010 at BAM Next Wave Festival

Julia Stiles as Persephone and Mimi Goese as Demeter
Music by Ben Neil
Lyrics by Mimi Goese
Book by Warren Leight (Tony Award- “Sideman”)

Films by Bill Morrison
Projections by Laurie Olinder
Sets by Jim Findlay
Dramaturgy by Daniel Zippi & Karl Precoda
Choreography by Dan Safer
Lights by John Ambrosone
Costumes by Jane Alois Stein
Directed by Bob McGrath

The Greek myth of Persephone is presented as a 19th century theatrical experience immersed in the colors of the Hudson River School of painting, then transported through a dense wave of cutting edge musical and visual technology.”

opening night is tuesday, 10/26, with the party to follow–and most of the performances are sold out


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