sunday mass: terrence malick’s new film: the tree of life

from the badlands director & one of our great contemporary film humanists, comes what looks to be his most grandiose and all-encompassing story yet. one grown man, lost, searching, telling the story of his struggle to reconcile the conflicting lessons of his childhood from his parents (his mother’s espousal of love/grace versus his father’s emphasis on will and self-interest), to find his place in the world, to forgive, to redeem himself, connecting him to nothing less than both the beginning and end of time, all life, the universe.
not since the trailer for “no country for old men” did i know immediately who and what this was, and move to the edge of my seat. forget the celebrities, just listen and watch the cinematography. “someday we’ll fall down and weep, we will understand it all, all things.” unfortunately, we still have to wait until 5/27/11, if it does finally release according to the scheduled date. this would have been a perfect holiday release, but is rather an odd pick for going into summer blockbuster season.

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