“Normalcy can feel awfully precarious, like a comforting dream blotting out a nightmarish reality…”–a.o. scott

take shelter, the new jeff nichols written/directed film, opened in limited release friday and is already garnering high praise both for the story and the acting.  michael shannon, the reigning madman across the water, continues to solidify his place as one of today’s best working actors with roles characterized by fury and lunacy (as exemplified in revolutionary road and his current turn in hbo’s boardwalk empire), jessica chastain is fresh off her triumph with malick’s tree of life, and nothing says the advent of winter like a stellar apocalyptic film, ruminating over and warning of lives of quiet desperation, the struggle against impermanence, and the fraught beauty of survival.  the added layer for me is that my old high school chum dave wingo (fellow plano survivor and leader of the band ola podrida, who also has done beautiful work for david gordon green’s amazing films) did the score. hi dave wingo.  come visit again before too long.  and see you guys at the angelika.

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