i have no home, but reside in brooklyn.  i feel like all of my life was spent in preparation for my move to nyc; will the next place i live feel similarly?  i am told that i am surprisingly small.  i think this implies that i have a larger presence.  or that i’m one of those fat-skinny people.  could go either way.  my family is jewish, so my first dog was a schnauzer named mitzi.  so it goes.  in a perfect world, i would eat chocolate and drink wine for each meal, work from 12-8 then be out each night until 4 or so, travel to at least 4 distant lands per year in which i am able to converse fluently in the respective language, have no grey hair and self-trimming toenails.  for now i settle on wine and chocolate often.  i disagree with the sentiment, “no man is an island.”  i like just about all of the arts.  i seem to have an oscillating center of gravity.  i tend to see the worst in myself and the best in others which leads to people underestimating me.  don’t.  i need absolute quiet, a bowl of coffee and minimal light for at least thirty minutes each morning to re-acclimate to the world of the living and then i still walk into things.  for montessori i would pack my own lunch and the thermos contained a shirley temple; it was years before i realized this was not the norm. i will tell people my age but not what perfume i wear.  i think life is pretty much one long game of hide and seek and nobody knows which part is his.  lately, my closet is so cold i race in and out of it like it’s a basement in which a lightbulb has gone out.  my neighbors suck.


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