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rebecca solnit: a field guide to getting lost

“One day I went to meet friends at a performance in a city park, but when I could not find them in the crowd, I wandered into a used bookstore and found an old book.  In it, Jaime de Angulo, the wild Spanish storyteller-anthropologist who eighty years ago spent considerable time among these people, wrote, ‘I want to speak now of a certain curious phenomenon found among the Pit River Indians.  The Indians refer to it in English as ‘wandering.’  They say of a certain man, ‘He is wandering,’ or ‘He has started to wander.’  It would seem that under certain conditions of mental stress an individual finds life in his accustomed surroundings too hard to bear.  Such a man starts to wander.  He goes about the country, traveling aimlessly.  He will stop here and there at the camps of friends or relations, moving on, never stopping at any place longer than a few days.  He will not make any outward show of grief, sorrow or worry….The Wanderer, man or woman, shuns camps and villages, remains in wild, lonely places, on the tops of mountains, in the bottoms of canyons.’  This wanderer isn’t so far from Woolf, and she too knew despair and the desire for what Buddhists call unbeing, the desire that finally led her to walk into a river with pockets full of rocks.  It’s not about being lost but about trying to lose yourself.”


whip it

i really had some hopes for this, and it wasn’t that it was bad, just kind of lite.  ellen page is her requisite adorable self and kristen wiig about steals the show from everyone and drew is ever-lovable and alia shawkat makes a great pash, and yet….i don’t know.  tx roller derby is near and dear to my heart, since i lived in austin when a bunch of chicas brought it back from the dead and showed everyone that a fun saturday out could be beer and a track and a couple of leagues of tattooed girls on skates in short, crazy costumes with tongue-in-cheek names.  so, it would not have taken much for this film to win me over, but the biggest drag (no pun intended, austinites) to it, i guess, was that i kept waiting to see all of these austin haunts i know and love and where were they?  not there, apparently, because detroit offered better financial incentives.  nice.  decorations got shipped up to michigan to recreate the local austin flavor & it didn’t really work.  it’s fun and light and the first girl power thing i’ve seen in years–since not much in this vein exists, more crap in the vein of bring it on, sadly–that made any sense to me at all, and the cast is fun but, frankly, the a&e short-lived series rollergirls did my girls back home more justice. so, when in atx, go see ’em.  drink & hoot.  (i always wanted to try out but they would have kicked my ass.)  i must be feeling homesick, this and the les amis today…

the bridge project at bam: as you like it

going tonight, more later.  holy crap.  just saw it’s 3 hours long.  huh.  missed that bit.  & starting next month is the tempest.

UPDATE:  so, it was good.  not spectacular but really good.  entertaining, neat set design, solid actors, moodier and more dramatic in the first half, bawdier and more playful and romantic in the second.  and it ends on a really sweet, light, dreamy note.  perfect mid-winter tale.

below from bam’s site:

Produced by BAM, The Old Vic & Neal Street Productions

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Sam Mendes

“Five Stars” —Time Out New York on The Bridge Project, 2009

“…one of the foremost theatre directors in the world…”—The Telegraph (UK) on Sam Mendes

“…profound and luminous…”—The Straits Times (Singapore) on The Bridge Project, 2009

Last spring, The Bridge Project launched its inaugural season at BAM with an outstanding ensemble of American and British actors in Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale and Tom Stoppard’s adaptation of The Cherry Orchard. Following its successful debut in New York, the critically-acclaimed company, led by Tony and Academy Award-winning director Sam Mendes (Broadway’s Cabaret, and the films American Beauty and Revolutionary Road), embarked on a world tour, delighting audiences in cities including Singapore, Madrid, Auckland, Athens, and London.

Year two of The Bridge Project promises another stellar transatlantic lineup and an intriguing pairing of two Shakespeare plays as Mendes and company explore outcasts, power, and magical lands with their world premiering productions of the comedy As You Like It and The Tempest, considered to be Shakespeare’s last play.

Featured actors include:
Michelle Beck (Chicago Shakespeare Theater’s Twelfth Night, Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Cyrano de Bergerac
Christian Camargo (Broadway’s All My Sons, the film The Hurt Locker)
Tony Award-winner Stephen Dillane (Broadway’s The Real Thing, HBO’s John Adams)
Obie Award-winner Ron Cephas Jones (Broadway’s Gem of the Ocean, Donmar’s Jesus Hopped the A-Train)
Juliet Rylance (Theatre for a New Audience’s Othello, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre’s The Winter’s Tale)
Thomas Sadoski (Broadway’s reasons to be pretty and Reckless)

“did some crazy shit in the 80s, not gonna lie”

i am not a huge fan of the onion, but this bit they did leading up to the last election had me howling.  oh my goddamn.  the obama and edwards profiles are my favorites.  hi-larious.  click the link above for the rest.  genius.

“Key Senate Achievement:  Being elected to Senate after Iraq War already started

Favorite Way To Mollify Supporters:  Nodding solemnly while gripping podium

Political Experience:  (2005–) Junior Senator from Illinois. Working directly under Senior Senator Richard Durbin himself, duties included fact-checking and copyediting the 2006 highway appropriations amendment bill. Member, Illinois State Senate (1997-2004)

Odds Of Pop-Locking During Inauguration: 1 in 12

Personal Best For Getting Digits:  32 seconds

Difficulty Catching A Cab:  Moderate

Issues:  Pro-hopes, also supports dreams

People Who Have Influenced Him Most:  Handsome devil who greets him in the mirror every morning”

fall bam: juliette binoche, cate blanchett, isabelle huppert

i kind of feel like i’m shooting myself in the foot here, but the next wave fest and fall lineup at bam looks to be truly stellar.  now’s the time i curse myself for still not having shelled out for the membership because tickets are likely to go quickly, and with this first possibly already gone.  all photos courtesy of bam.

inigallery2-2911first up:  the beautiful french actress juliette binoche in in-i, a new endeavor for the actress–dance performance.  this got very mixed reviews from what i’ve read so far in:re the british production which similarly ran in conjunction with a retrospective of her film career.  i’m still toying with the idea and kicking myself for not catching the screening of rendezvous after which she had a scheduled talk–she’s great:  vulnerable, emotional, intimate, honest, funny, candid.  i know little of avram khan but he’s supposed to be very talented, the set lit in “rothko-like” hues, and binoche is stretching her wings doing precisely the kind of emotive work for which she has come to be known.  she’s one of those actresses–actually all three in this piece are–that i will compulsively watch in whatever they put out there just because they’re interesting, unique, and tend to do intelligent, provocative, subtle/extreme roles that are hardly the norm for american female roles.  clock’s ticking but i may just break down and commit impulsively, as i’m wont to do.  aside from the english patient, which is about the best cure for insomnia i know, juliette binoche can do no wrong in my book.


this one’s the definite:  a streetcar in desire, production by no less than the brilliant liv ullmann, one of ingmar bergman’s “muses” and an absolutely amazing and visionary actress & director in her own right–just watch scenes from a marriage or faithless and you’ll see what i mean.  but the real draw for me is the aussie chameleon herself, cate blanchett.  see i saw her in the first elizabeth with that amazing voice and body language and elegant face, she has been one of my favorites to watch on the big screen.  i love that she’s taking on the kind of pitiful, vain, selfish, aging blanche.  she’s another i can’t take my eyes off , regardless of the film as a whole, and i have no doubt her name will pack the theater at both bam and at the kennedy center this fall.

4403_186614535491_27572550491_7294273_2930818_nlast, and sadly, the least likely to pack the theater of the three, isabelle huppert in quartett, a german (?) retelling of choderlos de laclos’ les liaisons dangereuses.  she had no film up at cannes this year and so acted as president of the film festival, no small shakes.  her film career is daunting, she’s one countless awards, done some films i’ve virulently loved (and hated, because those are the kinds of roles she devours):  madame bovary, amateur, the piano teacher, 8 women, the time of the wolf, my mother, i heart huckabees, ….the list goes on and on.  i think she’s done around a hundred films, plus tv and theater, this woman cannot not work, and her work is always extremely mannered, nuanced, explorative, and often transgressive.  she seems to be one of those people who calculatedly and systematically attacks that which frightens her, unwilling to accept her boundaries as a human being, constantly pushing against the walls, endlessly fascinating and meaty to watch.  she’s kind of a cult fave and i hope that serves to pack the house.