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jarmo makila, “the boy changed into a stag clamors at the gate of secrets” 2009, close-up

IMG_3222 by formenteragirl
IMG_3222, a photo by formenteragirl on Flickr.

gerhard richter’s abstraktes bild, 2004

IMG_3273 by formenteragirl
IMG_3273, a photo by formenteragirl on Flickr.

one of my favorites from the armory this year, along with the francesca woodmans

“oh sweetness….”, take off that dress for me, micah p hinson and the pioneer saboteurs

finally getting to see micah p hinson here in brooklyn

(i’ll be smushed at the front with a bag o’ loot and pearls for eyes….”and the world spins round and i don’t care anymore…”)

“Nolite te bastardes carborundorum”–margaret atwood, the handmaid’s tale

from jenny holzer’s living series

dasha shishkin, “desaparecido,” at zach feuer gallery though june 11, 2011

all images copyright the artist and gallery

playful, light-heartedly perverse, color-saturated mylar non-sensical scenes that were exactly what i wanted to lift the rain-fueled gloom.  were the paint still wet, i’d dive in and not come back.  and i’m hardly the only fan: looking at the listing just before i left, almost all had sold.  something about them is reminiscent of george grosz, and henry darger, and illustrations from a subversive children’s book. very cool.  no idea what’s happening in them, which i think is the point.

marion peck at gallery sloan fine art, les

“what you are, so once were we”, new works by the artist, marion peck, on exhibition through february 5, 2011 at sloan, 128 rivington st.  the gallery is also selling copies of a book of her work, entitled animal love summer, pictured below